GRINDMASTER III vitrified bonded for precision grinding from diameters 1/2 x 1/2" through 54" wheels for crankshaft and large diameters rolls.
GRINDMASTER III vitrified bonded wheels for precision grinding. Wheels to 54" for crankshaft and large diameter rolls.
GRINDMASTER III mounted wheels in A,B and W shapes.
BORIDE III mold & die, mold polishing, tool room dressing and sharpening stones.
GRINDMASTER III premium performance surface grinding segments in most standard configured shapes and sizes.

The above formula 77A80-I8VLN or 77A80-I8VLR for 8,800 machines is composed of our special elongated sharp grain, in a 80 grit size (80 grit, finer than 60, presents thousands more cutting teeth to the work surface) appears far more effective than standard cylindrical and centerless grinding wheels. We have found I8VLR is the best grade hardness and open structure for great grinding performance. If the grinder operator finds this specification wears a little rapid for his average piece size and material, a grade change might be more appropriate for the operation.

The New Generation of Dual Structure Porosity Vitrified Wheels
for high performance surface and creepfeed grinding.