STAR-DUST III precision diamond wheels grind small carbide tools particularly well in "oil" on Schneeberger 5 axis CNC tool grinders. Grit sizes 240, 1200 and finer!
All standard and custom shaped wheels are available. Our diamond and CBN wheels in resin bond are available through 36" in diameter and vitrified bond through 20".We offer exceptional service and excellent product performance.
STAR-DUST III rigid carbide mandrels for internal or jig grinding. We use virgin Diamond or CBN abrasive grain resin bonded and mounted on precision carbide shanks. Wheel sizes from 3/16x3/16 through 1x12" abrasive section.
STAR-DUST III precision metal bonded diamond core drills for the ceramic and glass industries. Product sizes for outside diameters .062" through 2" and wall thickness .018 through .092.
Our special micro drills are available in the following sizes. Outside diameter +/- .001

.024-.028 outside -.010-.011" inside
.028-.030 outside - .012-.014" inside
.031- .035 outside - .015-.016" inside
.036- .040 outside - .017- .019" inside
.041- .050 outside - .020- .026" inside
STAR-DUST III precision diamond plated mandrels for everything from the automotive markets to exacting surgical tools and wheels.
STAR-DUST III premium micron diamond compounds in tubes and jars. Whether natural or synthetic diamonds in water, water-soluble, or oil soluble compounds, we ship fresh products to you.
STAR-DUST III premium micron sized diamond for lapping or other compound applications. In sizes from 2 micron through 22-36 micron powder.
STAR-DUST III diamond coated cloth back sheets and screen cloth are available in diamond abrasive grit size 60 mesh through 100,000.
STAR-DUST III very thin precision slotting blades diamond or CBN in resin bond. These products, available on an abrasive core, are available in diameters 4, 5, and 6" and thickness .020-.050 through .226-.250".

We further offer thin resin bonded diamond blades mounted on steel cores.

Also available are thin resin bonded diamond blades for cutting glass. Sizes 10x.062x3/4" and 14x.070x3/4" D220-R75B661/4. The steel core blades are protected against rust with coating that will not rub off or transfer to the glass during cutting or grinding.