STAR-POINT III diamond offers our very uniform, very long, needle sharp and exceptionally high performance diamonds grasped by a durable matrix.
This provides consistent wheel conditioning from the first dress to the last. This product delivers excellent thermal conductivity which facilitates heat dissipation and provides consistent dressing performance. Available in single tooth through 9 tooth diamond claws 1/2" and 7/8" wide.
STAR-POINT III "CM Series" natural diamond tools are an engineered dresser. A totally consumable tool which consistently performs the job of large natural single point diamonds. The action of the dress puts a .001" deep spiral on the wheel, which makes the wheel hungry and aggressive.
On the 1/2" wide are almost 20 diamonds; on the 7/8" wide almost 35 specially elongated natural diamonds. There are four rows of diamonds in each section.
Use these STAR-POINT III diamond tools as you would single point tools. For our 3 or 5 diamond tools, we use the finest quality, hand selected elongated natural diamonds available. Our 5 diamond tools contain manufactured diamond for consistent dressing and tool life.