STAR-DUST III precision diamond E-Plate and brazed products for the composite and fiber glass industries. These products are available in many configurations. We show on this page several options that are regularly available.
STAR-DUST III standard hole saws have 1/8" diamond return (wrap) and a favorable 1" cutting depth. the 40/50 grit size cuts a hole .040" larger than the metal core diameter. The 80/100 grit cuts a hole .020" larger. These saws are supplied with knockout slots and without shank. The 1/8" is coated with 40/50 size diamond grit and is for cutting fiber glass and other similar composites; diamond size 80/100 is for glass [See our superabrasive precision core drill products.]
STAR-DUST III routers are available in whatever shape you may require, as long as it conforms to the American Safety Code. Diameters 0.375" 2 flute, flat bottom are available up to 0.625". Diameters 0.375", 2 flute, round bottom are available up to 2.000". Diameters 2.000", no flute, 1/2 bull or full bull are available. Diamond grits 40/50 and 80/100
STAR-DUST III natural diamond coated blades are mounted on quality steel mandrels. Pick and choose from diameters 1, 1.5, and 3". Standard diamond grit size 40/50.
STAR-DUST III vacuum brazed chemically bonded diamond products offer a very aggressive cut. Further, this bonding system offers much l onger life than standard electro-plated products. you benefit by aggressive cutting and longer life. We can manufacture any size or shape, within the parameters of safety.
STAR-DUST III blade products are available in any size diamond blade that you may need up to 44" in diameter. These circular blades incorporate an Electroplating process that bonds a highly concentrated mono-layer diamond to the steel core. our strong nickel matrix allows for maximum diamond particle exposure, optimizing cutting life which allows for an efficient and aggressive cutting blade.
STAR-DUST III offers diamond coated hand files in 30/40, grit size 40/50 grit size and standard length 10" x 1" bastard files.
STAR-DUST III diamond also offers hand pads, quick change discs, end-mills, band saw blades and other diamond products.