GRINDMASTER III coated abrasive specialty products. An extensive offering of quality specialty coated abrasive products. This includes belts, sheets, strips, rolls, tapered cone points, PSA discs, bore polishers, cartridge rolls, spiral rolls, cross pads, resin fiber discs, quickchange discs, mini and regular flap wheels.

GRINDMASTER III coated abrasive cartridge rolls are available in diameters and lengths from 3/16 x 3/4" through 1x2" in A/O 60 grit and finer.

GRINDMASTER III coated abrasive rolls are designed to be very flexible to form configurations. Preferred by the mold and die market, the roll and crankshaft markets. Available in 1"x50yd rolls through 12"x50yd. A/O 60 grit through 320 grit.

Our PSA discs are unique in that the adhesive should not cement the disc to the face plate.
GRINDMASTER III coated abrasive quick-change discs are available in diameters 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4". In grit sizes from 24 through 320.

Micro-mini and full size mounted GRINDMASTER III wheels in sizes 3/8x3/8" mounted on 1/8" shank through 3x2" on a 1/4" shank. Grit sizes A/O 60 through 320 grit.
GRINDMASTER III miniflap discs for grinding, polishing and finishing are available in diameters 2", 2-1/2" and 3". Zirc grit sizes 36-120. Our larger Type 27 and 29, in diameter sizes 4", 4-1/2, 5 and 7" in grit sizes up to 120.
STAR-DUST III diamond coated cloth sheets and screen cloth are available in diamond abrasive grit size 60 mesh through 100,000.
GRINDMASTER III type 27 and 29 flap discs
Our GRINDMASTER III coated abrasive resin discs for grinding, polishing and finishing are available in standard sizes. Orr discs are rated according to the ANSI B7.7-2003. Example 5" discs are rated for 12,200 RPM., Further, you may lower your abrasive disc cost and improve disc performance with our new QUIKCHANGE pads.